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I just found this little site. Mercedes Benz will start offering bicycles!

Here’s the Press on it:

If the Mercedes Vision C 220′s 43 miles per gallon isn’t enough to appease your eco-centric lifestyle, how does infinite miles to the gallon and the ability to meet EURO emission requirements until the end of eternity sound? Thanks to the 2007 Mercedes-Benz Bike Collection, this remarkable ultra-environmentally-friendly vision is now a reality.

Unveiled today, the 2007 Mercedes Bike Collection offers the aforementioned polar ice cap saving features in three distinct flavors: “Fitness,” “Trekking,” or “Racing.” For the fitness line, select features include two versions (‘Sport’ for gents and ‘Comfort’ for ladies), an aluminum frame, a magnesium fork with a 80mm stroke, an adjustable handlebar, disk brakes and 24 gears with Shimano Alivio equipment.

For longer excursions, the “Trekking” line is likely more suited to your tastes, with some features including two versions (again, ‘Sport’ and ‘Comfort’), an aluminum frame, a high-strength luggage carrier and a halogen lamp system.

And finally, for the adventurous among you, the new carbon racing bike will likely be at the top of your wish list. Features of this Campangolo-produced bicycle include a carbon-fiber frame produced by a tube-to-tube production method as well as a total weight of under seven kilograms.

The best part of the 2007 Mercedes-Benz Bike Collection? Despite their incredible fuel consumption and emission figures (or lack thereof), each member of the MB bicycle family costs significantly less than their four-wheeled cousins despite the added earth-saving benefits. Pricing for the “Fitness” line weighs in at EUR 990; pricing for the “Trekking” line is slightly higher at EUR 1,290; and pricing for the “Racing” line is seat at EUR 3,990. Available at Mercedes sales partners starting in May, pricing is for the German market and includes 19 percent VAT.

If you’d like to learn more about any member of the 2007 Mercedes-Benz Bike family or view photos showcasing both the “Fitness” and “Trekking” lines, you can do so immediately below.

Here’s the best picture….a Benz Bike equiped with nothing but the best components….Shimano Alivio! HAHAHAHAH!

Click image to get a good close up.

Man, Benz is just as bad as GMC with their goofy bikes.
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I say, car companies should stick to cars and bike companies, keep on keepin’ on!