Not A Bike-Friendly State

Around the country, forward-looking public officials are working like mad to make their cities and states bike-friendly. In Chicago, Mayor Richard Daley is building hundreds of miles of bike trails. From Washington, D.C., to Washington state, officials are promoting biking.

But alas, not in Connecticut.

Yes, mostly volunteer efforts have resulted in a growing but still fragmented network of trails around the state. These trails could be more quickly sewn together if the state made biking and bike trails a priority. But the state Department of Transportation, reluctant as always to embrace any form of transportation besides the car, can’t be bothered.

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  1. Ghost Rider

    Connecticut is not a bike-friendly state? They have got NOTHING on us! They should come check out Florida (particularly the west coast — Hillsborough/Pinnelas Counties…statistically the most dangerous place to ride a bike in the United States).

    Sure, we’ve got some great on- and offroad trails, a couple of good annual bike festivals around the state, but overall it is a serious car culture in Florida, and any statewide “alternative transportation” efforts are fragmented, at best. Bike commuters are few and far between.

    It’s ironic; with good year-round weather, one would think that cycling could be enjoyed as sport AND as transportation…apparently, everyone wants to be stuck in their air-conditioned motorized coffins rather than experience life from the saddle of a bike.

  2. RL Policar (Post author)

    Hey GR,

    That does suck to live in a city like that. I’m pretty fortunate, my town, Fullerton, Ca. has a city maintained mountain bike trail and the bike lanes are plenty full and I just heard from a friend that the city will start teaching mountain biking basic classes.

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