Spoke Cards-What Are They?

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I’ve seen some fixie riders and SS cyclists sport their spoke cards on their bikes. Not quite sure what they meant, but I thought they were really cool. So I asked our best source in fixed gear riding and probably the best guy to go to about this subject, Nick James.

Here’s what he wrote me.

Sometimes they’re just decorative, but most of the time, each card
represents an event or alleycat race. You’ll get a card when you register,
so it’s sort of a cred thing for people who have a wheel full of spoke
cards, showing how many races they’ve participated in.

Sometimes, they represent membership to something, like there’s an NYC fixed
gear forum online, and there’s a spoke card for that, so people can
recognize each other offline.

I keep them, but I don’t put them in my wheel. They catch crosswinds.

So there you have it, now we know what spoke cards are for and what they mean, and knowing is half the battle…GI Joe!

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  1. giacomo

    and whats the polystyrene cup between the seat stays thing about?

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