Tom Higgins: Time to complete river bike trails

The Bee has correctly pointed out a simple way that we can “think globally and act locally” on global warming, advice prompted by the City Council’s public viewing of the Academy Award-winning documentary “An Inconvenient Truth.”

Sacramento’s namesake river provides a ready opportunity to put that idea into practice: Local officials could open public access to the short sections of levees that are currently closed along the river.

In the 10 years since the city adopted its parkway plan to provide a continuous trail on the Sacramento River levees, several short stretches have been completed to improve public access, most notably from the Embassy Suites promenade to Miller Park.

Improvements to the Tower Bridge pedestrian walkways have begun, and the long-abandoned rail bridge at R Street (over Interstate 5) will soon be ready for bicycles and pedestrians. Opening the stretch through the Pocket area would finally make it possible for families to ride bicycles from anywhere on the city’s west side to Old Sacramento and River Cats games, even all the way to Folsom by connecting to the American River Parkway. It is also a key gateway to the newly adopted California Delta Trail.

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