Trek Lime Up Close

When you check out the Trek Lime website, its all happy and fun! They market the lime with a tag line, “Ride at your speed.”

Jax Bicycles
of Fullerton offers the Trek Lime. You can come in and test out any of the bikes and experience the freedom and easy of Shimano Coasting.

A Ladies Lime. You see that seat? You can open it up and stash your stuff in it!

Here’s a close up on the rear hub. Basically it uses a Shimano Nexus 3 speed coaster hub.

Here’s the little gizmo that automatically shifts the Nexus on the fly.

The front hub is what indicates to the gizmo when to shift. Basically it works as a sensor. When you are traveling at a faster speed, the gizmo will shift the Nexus to the next gear. When you start to slow down, it will down shift automatically.

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