If you HAD to ride your bike everyday…

I got to thinking a while back and asked my self this question, “If I had to ride my bike everyday, would I get tired of it?” Here’s why I got to this revelation. The other day I was on my way to a local home improvement store. As I was driving my car (yes I drove) I noticed about a dozen real bike commuters. You know who I’m talking about, the day laborers that are looking for work. These guys had their Wally World bikes locked up to a tree, no helmets and had a back pack full of food for the day.

As I was leaving I noticed the conditions of their bikes. Some had flats, others didn’t even have brakes and yet quite a few of them were spray painted a different color to hide its original look.

Anyhow, my point is, when you and I bike commute, we try to get the best “commuting” clothing and gear. Heck they even have “commuter bikes” that people can buy to make their ride to work more pleasant. But with all of those things we think we need just to ride our bikes, doesn’t that make us a bit trendy? I mean think about it, the guys at the Home Depot had the basic necessities, bike, back pack and their hats.

But I’ve been guilty of making sure I have Slime tubes, wearing wicking clothing, SPD pedals and shoes as well as an expensive light set. Perhaps my thoughts made me feel guilty because I was indulging in bicycle gear while the day laborer was stuck making a few bucks a day and riding his beat up bike every where he needed to go.

Think about it, there’s a smaller amount of bike commuters that HAVE to ride their bikes than there are that decide that morning if they should ride to work or not. Most families have cars, at least one. But those guys don’t have the luxury of having a air conditioned car to drive around in.

I heard from a friend of mine that his father, who is Chinese and rode bikes everywhere he went in China, didn’t understand his son’s obsession with cycling. My buddy was born and raised in America. His father’s point of view, “I rode bikes all my life, the moment I got to America and had the opportunity to buy a car, I never got on another bicycle in my life!”

So here’s where it comes to. If you HAD to ride your bike every day because it was your main source of transportation, would you get tired of it? Just think of it as having your favorite meal….everyday for the rest of your life….

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