Becoming a Bike Commuter has some great tips on how to get rockin’ on two wheels.

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Resources for the Aspiring Bicycle Commuter

The resources that follow are designed to provide guidance and inspiration to the beginner commuting cyclist. We want to remind the beginner that this information, although it is extremely helpful, is in no way a substitute for direct and personal instruction. We always suggest that the absolute beginner consult with a qualified cycling instructor before hitting the streets. C.I.C.L.E. does have two League Certified Instructors on its staff and offers beginning bicycle commuter workshops. Even if you don’t know how to ride a bike at all, we can help get you out there on two wheels. Please inquire for more information at: info(at)

Note: The cyclists that appear in the photographs on these pages are not models. They represent just a few of the many “real-live-L.A.” urban cyclists that ride L.A. city streets on a regular basis. Big thanks to all the L.A. riders out there — as you are a constant source of inspiration.

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