Another Bike Commuter Hit…

Our buddy Andy Corson of Surly Bikes sent me an email about one of their long time friends being hit by a car.

Here’s what he wrote:

In other news, Surly pal, personal friend, and MPLS/Milwaukee bike culture institution Chris Zito got smacked from behind on his way home from work at 3a.m. the other night. Attached is a picture of his bike. He’s going to be o.k., but he’s in a back brace for 3 months and his bike…well, see for yourself.

There’s a fund to help him, too, as he has two part time jobs and no insurance. he took a header on a mtn bike ride a couple of years ago, and was in hospital for quite a while. when word came this time that he’d been hit, everybody was a bit shook. he made it on the news last night. the driver hit and ran and 2 other passing cars hit his bike while he was waiting for the ambulance, which he had to call himself (and direct the ambulance to where he was). and thanks for posting it.

Chris Zito Fund
C/O TCF Bank
801 Marquette Ave. 001-01-J
Minneapolis, MN 55402-9984


We’ll be praying for Chris Zito’s quick recovery.


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  2. Sveden

    We are hosting a benefit event for Zito on May 5th. Its a scavenger hunt. Should be fun for riders of all levels. Check out the details at our website.

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