Car Free Day!

No its not some sort of national campaign to get people out of their cars, but I personally declared it a car free day for me! Through out the day I usually have appointments or places to go in which I take my car. But today, I’m going commando baby! Commando meaning no car!

Yeah I know, I make bike commuting look so sexy…. :)

First on my list was to take my kids to school. I got out the ole’ trusty, reliable Ibex Alpine that is now a SUB, Xtracycle that is.

Loaded up their bags into the Xtracycle and off we go! Well except my other daughter’s bag, she just got that nifty basket for her bike and wanted to carry her stuff.

On my agenda for today is go to the bank, do a little work and ride my bike! Hope you are having a good Car Free Day!

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