How to maintain a rider’s high

You know that feeling when you walk into your work or destination and you feel like you just had 10 cups of coffee? I’m talking about Rider’s High. I get this every time I ride my bike anywhere. Moe was telling me about how he felt like a champ for the first two hours after riding his bike to work. Then the high started to fade and he got tired. I get the same way when that high becomes a low.

In the past, I’ve doctored up my high by drinking some coffee or having some food but it all comes back down. So here’s a tip for you in maintaining your high through out the day.

Go for a quick ride on your breaks!

It’s that simple, a short 10-15 minute ride around the parking lot will kick your endorphins into gear and keep you elevated until your next break!

Try it, you’ll see what I’m taking about.

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