Do you ever feel burnt out from commuting?

I could see myself getting tired or being a bike commuter if I had to do it day and day out.

I do recall having these thoughts when I had a long commuter, 17 miles each way. I would get easily burnt out on it. But on the days that I decided to drive rather than take my bike, I hated every second that I sat in traffic. Oooh it annoyed me so much that I had to sit in my car for an hour and half just to get home. You know when I would take my bike, it would take me less time to ride the 17 miles than it did to drive it.

I guess the best cure for feeling burnt out is to ride. I know it sounds funny but all that resentment that I would have before the ride simply vanishes as I’m pedaling away.


  1. Dan

    I get upset when I have to hurry home because I have to get the car to do something. I want the commute to be my relaxing time after work.

  2. Val

    Several times in my life I have had commutes that were 12 miles each way. It always felt better to ride than to drive; any burnout had to do with taking the same route for the same purpose at the same time every day, rather than with riding. I have come to feel that 10 – 12 miles is the ideal commuting distance for bicycle. Any shorter, and the workout is minimal, and you need to find some other errands to run, and any longer takes a huge bite out of the day. If I ride straight to work now, it is only 5 miles, so I have to take the much more relaxing and scenic riverside bike path, for a more roundabout 9.5 miles. It’s nice.

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