Is this legal?

I was watching Nick Jame’s Monster Track video and realized that the guys riding their bikes are all over the place like a swarm of bees!

So I’m curious to know…is it legal to ride like that? You know what I mean right? Going in and out of traffic, between cars, next to cabs and what not.


  1. Othemts

    Regardless of legality it’s pretty stupid. Safe bicycling relies on predictability and visibility.

  2. Cyclo Kitty

    Ha! The Bike Couriers of the Apocalypse can bike anyway anyhow regardless of traffic, bylaws, and the laws of physics!

    I especially liked the guy on the penny farthing bike.

    I have to admire their confidence, speed, agility and ability to ignore bone crushing danger. But if any of their mothers’ see this…

    BTW, this is one of my favourite bike commuter sites! And I love the red handlebar tape on your Redline!

  3. RL Policar (Post author)

    Yeah we don’t have anything like that here in Orange County Ca. But I’m sure if I look hard enough for a situation like that I can find it!

    Thanks Cyclo for the compliment! We like our site too, hehe. But seriously, glad you like it. We wanted to make sure that we have a good mix of news, how to’s and tons of fun on the site.

  4. Ghost Rider

    No way is that legal…and that’s why messengers are often a hated breed! Mostly, it’s because they look like they’re having so much fun out there.

    Riding like this does, unfortunately, give streetriding cyclists a bad name though. Commuters are viewed in the same way these hotdoggers are, and that’s a bummer.

  5. Nick

    No, it’s not really legal, but it’s a race! How are you going to win with that attitude? As for the specifics, it’s the running red lights that illegal – the general weaving through traffic is not technically against the law, and I’ve never heard of anyone ticketed for it. Technically, you’re supposed to stay to either side of a one-way street like 1st Avenue, but that will get you doored or cut off by turning traffic within ten blocks.

    Most of us in that video are not couriers. If you think riding like this is stupid and gives the rest of you a bad name, I welcome you to bring your bike out to NYC with us to battle the buses, the cabs, the towncars, the onslaught of jaywalkers, the street damage, the bike thieves and the NYPD. After two weeks, you’ll be riding just like we do.

    On the safety tip, y’all should know that almost all of those bikes are brakeless track bikes, as Monstertrack is a “no brakes” race. Just letting you know.

  6. Sasquatch

    Well put, Nick, thanks. I’m a former NYC resident biker. That assertive style of riding is about the only way to ride safely in a very hostile (to bikers) urban setting. But yes, blowing red lights is dangerous and illegal.

  7. Dan

    I’m guessing your question was rhetorical.

  8. Ghost Rider

    I understand that riding this way (assertively) is the only way to survive the traffic in NYC, and I understand it is a race and is supposed to be hell-bent and fun — despite that, though, motorists still mentally lump ALL road-riding bikers together. In their eyes, we’re ALL lawless, crazy, authority-flouting maniacs, and that is the real bummer.

    I’ve certainly got nothing against cyclists who can brave that kind of congestion and still have fun doing it…my real wish is that motorists would stop viewing us as idiots and crazy people!

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