Redline 925 Upgrades

Just yesterday I figured I’d mix things up a bit with the Redline 925. I changed out the bar tape from black to red. I chose red because…well it is a REDline….

I went with a Bontrager cork tape. I always start my wrap jobs from the top of the bar. It just looks neater. Oh by the way, you see that clearish thingy next to the bar tape? Well its this gel insert made by Bontrager. Man this stuff is the best! It prevents your hands from getting fatigued.
redline 925

Tada! You like my tape job? Notice something else? One brake lever. Yup, I removed the rear brakes, and swapped my right lever and placed it upside down on the left side. This configuration allows me to get more grip on the bar than the previous setup.
redline 925

Here’s a closer shot.
redline 925

I upgraded the tires from the Nightwing Sweetskinz to a set of Bontrager Race Lites. These tires ride at a higher tire pressure, which means I can ride faster and makes skid stopping easier. Yes you may have noticed that I still ride with wheel reflectors. I have to, I’m a Bike Commuter!
redline 925


  1. Nick

    Ha! You rogue, you.

  2. RL Policar (Post author)

    Fixed gear bikes aren’t that cool unless you’re riding with one brake. No brakes, the cooler it is!

  3. Tim

    Looking very cool.

    Inspired by this site, I just picked up my own 9-2-5 today. It is a very sweet ride indeed!

    I notice that you ditched the chain-guard (me too), and the fenders (keeping mine for now) & the ‘stache bars – But for some reason you have kept the lawyers’ warning sticker! Go ahead and read the owners manual and rip that sucker off! That sticker was the 1st thing to go on mine…

    Perhaps sometime in the future..

    I’m thinking about a Honey B17 Special (with big hand rivets along with the Brooks leather tape.

    But for now I am in love with my new ride!

  4. Nick

    I just got an ’08 9-2-5, and was thinking about customizing it with red bar tape and taking the back break off too. I’d love to see the pics of these mods, but they don’t seem to be on this page. Any way that can be fixed? Thanks. And thanks for the article.

  5. Ghost Rider

    Photos were lost when we were attacked by a hacker in 2007. Not able to recover things…

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