Back in the daily grind….

For a while I was self employed. But with my student loans and rent increase on its way next month, I had to get a job.

Not that the job is bad, heck its a great company! But the drive sucks!

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It’s about 20 miles away…yeah I know its ridable. But the thing is my hours are going to change soon to super early hours…the kind where I have to be at work right when the bars close at night.

So I was thinking, if I can’t ride to work, I might as well ride during my lunch breaks. My new job is with this international gym company, so fitness is encouraged.

The city I work in is Irvine,Ca. a beautiful place…nice flat roads with wide bike lanes! So stick around as I document my product testing and adventures in the next few weeks!


  1. Elijah

    Hi, I’ve been reading your site for a couple weeks. I bike commute from Irvine over to to my work in Costa Mesa as often as I can. Irvine’s a great place to be a bike commuter!

  2. RL Policar (Post author)

    No way…that’s cool! I live in Fullerton and work right off the 405 and Jamboree.

    Thanks for checking out the site.

  3. Josh

    Ha! My friend and I commute to work on our bikes, from Costa Mesa to Irvine. 🙂

    Wow, getting to work when the bars are closing, talk about EARLY!

  4. Josh

    I work near the intersection of MacArthur and Jamboree. How about you?

  5. RL

    I’m on Jamboree and the 405. But we’re actually on teller.

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