Trek Lime Racing

Today I went to Jax Bicycle Center in Fullerton, Ca.

I wanted to see how well the Shimano Coasting stuff works on the Trek Lime.

So I asked Scott Moore, Client Advisor to see if he and I can have a little race to see how well this thing works.

Here we are lined up at the start/finish line.

On your marks, get set….

GO! Check out my lead over Scott!

I knew that wasn’t going to last since Scott is a Sport Class Mountain Bike Racer….Here he is coming in at the finish…

That’s me…coming after him.

I have to tell you, the Trek Lime is awesome. Only problem is, you can’t go that fast. You end up spinning too much at higher revolutions. The shifting worked great, on cue and precise every time!

If you’d like to test ride the Trek Lime, go to Jax Bicycles in Fullerton Ca. or visit any of their locations in LA, OC and San Bernadino counties.

Besides, they carry all the Trek Lime accessories like this pink body kit!

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