I ain’t goin’ to lie

But I love riding my fixie. Ok ok…I ain’t goin’ to lie again, I’m no Nick James nor some NYC messenger that can ride without brakes. But I love my fixie!
redline 925

People ask me all the time why I like this bike so much. But its hard to really describe the feel of riding a fixie. But I’ll try to sum it up in a few short points and hopefully you can understand my affinity for it.

1. Simple.
2. You feel at one with the bike.
3. Your mind will be in a zen like state when riding a fixie.
4. The bike is uber light compared to geared bikes.
5. Relatively cheaper than most geared bikes. You can find some as cheap as $299.
6. Your cool status goes up when you ride a fixie.
7. Build great legs out of it.
8. Great workout.
9. You can wear cool knickers and messenger bags to complete the fixie look.
10.It’s euphoric.

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