Are you stinky after your bike commute?

Well partner you’ve got to handle your BO before you ride. So here’ the trick…Get a Crystal Stick!

I’ve been using Crystal Stick for years and it has never let me down. Here’s what I do. After I take a shower, I apply the stick as I would a regular deodorant. I also apply it to my feet and to my boys. I apply this stuff anywhere that would smell if I were to get sweaty.

You have to make sure you follow the directions. They’re pretty easy, basically you get the stick wet and apply to the body. Don’t wipe it off, let it air dry.

Then go ride your bike to work and you’ll see that you’re not smelly at all! What the Crystal Stick does is prevent odor causing bacteria to grow. This stuff is perfect for the folks that have smelly feet…yup, guilty! Just apply the stick all over your feet, between your toes and let it dry. At the end of the day, your feet will not smell!

So give this stuff a try, I love it and its all natural. It doesn’t have any metals like aluminum and crap like most deodorants do.

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