Los Angeles area air called worst in nation

This sucks for the bike commuters in the LA area.

Los Angeles can continue being the butt of smog jokes, but inhaling in Orange County is hardly a breath of fresh air.

The Los Angeles metropolitan area, which includes Long Beach and Riverside County, was listed as having the nation’s worst air, according to studies released Monday by the American Lung Association.

Though the Lung Association didn’t include Orange County as part of the Los Angeles market, the group did give the county’s air failing grades for ozone and particulate pollution.

Overall, 26 counties in California failed the clean air test for the years 2003 through 2005, and only one area made it onto the group’s clean air list – the city of Salinas.

Orange County has cleaner air than other parts of Southern California because of wind patterns that push pollution from the beach area toward the Inland Empire.

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  1. Val

    This sucks for everyone, but the commuters in the cars actually breathe more of it than the bikers do. It has been positively shown that not only does the enclosure of the cab collect and concentrate the pollutants in the air (including carbon monoxide), but that physical activity increases the body’s ability to purge these substances. Bottom line: drivers have a higher concentration of carbon monoxide in their bloodstream than bike riders in the same traffic. Don’t let the air stop you!

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