MSNBC Has 10 Tips to Save The Planet

Tip No. 7: Consider walking, biking, taking a bus or carpooling whenever feasible.

It’s about time that people recognize that riding a bike can save the planet!
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  1. Bum Cyclist

    Almost got in trouble doing a bicycle u turn and avoided a apb level traffic violation. All to annoy a cyclist riding late night. Odd thing is other than doing an APB check and showing my ID, they wanted badly to know my address and i had to tell them i didn’t have a driver’s licence and wanted to know this constantly for some particular reason. If this happens, either run for it or protest it while friends nearby cell pic it if possible. Other times were also late night with or without a bicycle and iffy timing. If Black it probably even worse and if latino, do not even mention what will happen.
    Not sure about helmet law violations due to variations in each city and state.
    Saving the planet only is possible if lazy car drivers agree and have the means to practically do the same.

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