So this morning I woke up late. That shot the idea of me riding from Fullerton to Irvine. So I got my stuff ready, loaded up my car with my Redline 925 and drove to the City of Orange.

As I got on the road pedaling towards my destination. I couldn’t help but notice that I am slower today than I was the day before. It felt like my legs were asleep!

I tried to do some sprints from light to light thinking that it would get my legs to warm up. But it wasn’t until I got about a few miles from my office that I started to feel my legs wake up!

So if you have any suggestions on how I can get my legs to work properly, please PLEASE, leave a comment!


  1. Jeff

    Men ! i don’t know what to tell you cause it’s the same thing for me… and not only for my legs but for my heart as well.

    I cycle twice a day to the office beacuse i can go back have a luch at home ( i have enought time being only at 10 KM from office ) but when i come back in the afternoon, i can tell you something : my legs as well as my heart are awake as it takes me 2 minutes less to make exaclty the same distance !

    Hope we can find a solution… ! Oh and for me it’s like that EVERY morning.

    Regards !

  2. RL Policar (Post author)

    Jeff, I figure a little bit of coffee before the ride might do the trick. Perhaps having alchohol the night before doesn’t help either…

  3. Noah

    I’ve had similar problems. Get more sleep.

    Here are a few memorable posts where I’m whining about my leggies refusing to submit. A trend I’ve noticed is lack of sleep.

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