Be Visible

Moe Commuting
Here’s another tip for y’all: Be Visible. May sound basic, but I see a lot of bike commuters that blend with parked cars and the road. Since mornings tend to be cool in So. Cal, I ride with a Hi-Viz jacket or a Hi-Viz Vest.

If the ‘bike geek ‘ look is not your thing, you can attach a big ass blinky like the lightman to the rear of the bike that is visible during the day.


If you are worrying that your panniers are too dull, the answer is simple, attach a blinky to it.

Panniers with blinkies

Our fellow commuter Russ Roca uses the Dinotte Tail light, at $129 its an expensive blinkie, but how much is your safety worth?

Dinotte tail light

I’ve also read that people use those reflective triangles that Bike Tourers use.

Bike Triangle

Whatever works for you, being as visible as possible is the best way to get home safely.

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