…and gosh darn it, people like me!

We’ve been getting some great comments and emails from loyal readers of and Some of you may have followed us over from another site that we used to run and we really do appreciate it. We get asked all the time why we started our commuter site since we just left one not too long ago.

Well to be honest with you, a few bicycle companies asked us to. Yeah seriously, people in the industry like us and they dug how we blogged and sure enough, we’re here!

Here’s the funny thing about our sites and about our group that we like to call “Bicycle Bloggers.” We’re basically a bunch of people that really really like bikes! We don’t make too much money…well only enough to support our hosting fees and pay for a few beers and pizza’s once in a while. Buy we’re literally bike commuters and mountain bikers just like you.

I think it’s that innocence and zeal that we still have for bikes that makes our energy and team work so effective. What’s great about the Bicycle Bloggers is that we actually ride bikes with each other, hang out, drink beer, and genuinely like one another.

What I mean by innocence is that we still get wowed by a nice bike whether its a bike from a small company or a big one. When we see a bike that’s pretty, we get excited about it!

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve been doing this blogging stuff for a few years now and we do know our stuff. But we also like to have fun.

Again, we appreciate all the kind emails and comments and we plan on being here for a while so keep coming back everyday because we do our very best to post new content everyday!

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