How I locked my bike

Typically when I lock up my bike at the store or some where that I know I’ll be out in a jiffy, I usually only lock my front wheel and frame to the rack.

But now that I have to leave my bike at the rack all day, I found that the best way to keep my bike safe is to have the front wheel dismounted, QR in my backpack and locked up the way I have it in the picture.

Any other suggestions?


  1. Moe

    Why don’t you try lockable QR’s?? Check out pricepoint’s–/PinHead-Locking-Skewer-Set.htm

  2. Jamie Fellrath

    I generally attach my frame to the available rack with a U-lock and then use a cable lock to lock my frame and wheels together in a figure-eight pattern through both wheels and the frame. So far, so good. I think using two different kinds of locks foils most thieves who come to the party with only one lock-picking/breaking tool.

  3. Ghost Rider

    The “double-lock” trick seems to work well for me, too — I had someone cut a 15mm braided cable, but since I use locking skewers and a U-lock, my bike and all its parts were still there when I got off work.

    After severing that cable, all the potential thieves did with their boltcutters was chew up the vinyl covering on my lock. I can live with that!

    Folks also may want to consider one of those heavy chains, like the Kryptonite or Onguard 36″ chains. Those things are truly BEASTS, and they give a little more flexibility in what you can lock your bike to.

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