How To Get Rid Of Wrinkles

One of the downers of being a bike commuter is getting your clothes wrinkled while its in your back pack, messenger bag or pannier. I figured out a way to not only smooth out the wrinkles, but to have my clothes smelling fresh too!

Here’s my shirt…you like how it matches the site colors? Anyhow, see how wrinkled it is.

I take some lavender body spray that Priscilla didn’t want. You can use any type of liquidish spray…heck use water if you want. Spray your shirt and then smooth it out with your hand and tug and pull on the shirt.

Once you’re done spraying, tugging and pulling, your shirt or any garment will be wrinkle free! Keep in mind that I only treated the lower half of the shirt.


  1. Randy

    This is the Fred Way!
    This morning I pulled a shirt off the hanger that was wrinkled. I did’nt have enough time to iron so I put the shirt on and rode the 5 miles to work. With the nylon jacket I was wearing and the humidity from the sweat the wrinkles were gone when I got to work.


  2. RL Policar (Post author)

    Randy, That would work great for shorter commutes, but my ride is 13 miles each way. I do sweat quite a bit so wearing my work clothes wouldn’t be a good idea.

    But thanks for the tip!

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