My Commute Today

I got up extra early today and rode to work. Wow the streets are really clear at 5:50am. On my way to work, I see these little drainage grills on the ground. I always try to avoid them. They have bigger ones that have wider spaces on the bars…now that’s trouble waiting to happen.

I saw a couple of bike commuters on the road with me.

Here’s a guy that passed me up. He was all decked out in lycra…he looked really pretty in his matching outfit!

I got a little thirsty on my way to work and saw this vending machine for my favorite beverage!

Dangit! That’s some mean joke or something…I pull up and I try to put my money in and it turns out this thing was an bus stop ad! ARGH! Curses on you clever marketers!

Anyhow, what’s the moral of this posting? Get up early, and enjoy the ride!

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