New Stuff Just Came In

I got this funny looking package….I wonder what it is?

I opened up the shrink wrap…low and be hold! It’s Sweetskinz Tires!

This one is called the Rattleback. Kinda looks like I’m holding a

These are called the Scorch….ooooh hot!

Hazarea…this one will go on the Ibex B27 bike Moe built up.

The blue ones in the other pics are called the Nightwings.

You’re probably wondering what we’re doing with so many tires. We’ll we’re giving them away! That’s right these are up for grabs. But….ah there’s a catch. You have to go to the Urban Commuter Expo in Pasadena on the 19th. We’re raffling these off! We’re also giving out tons of other stuff. So come on by and try your hand at winning some stuff!

By the way, I’d like to thank Fanny and her super crew at Sweetskinz Tires!


  1. ethan

    I ordered a rear Hazarea for my bike more than a month ago from my local bike shop. I hope they come in soon.

  2. RL Policar (Post author)

    For a while Sweetskinz had a 50% off sale…If you order directly from their site and use the coupon code of “seaotter” then you’ll get the discount. We posted it on our mountain biking site.

  3. Ghost Rider

    I took advantage of that sale, and what a deal it was!!!

    Too bad I don’t have any wheels to mount these tires on (I am still collecting components for another bike build)!

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