This is what I had to deal with today…

On my way home, this big dually truck started creeping up on my lane. I tapped his side panel and yelled, “Hey!” I pass him up and them when I get to the light I hear his big truck rumbling behind me. Then this guy starts to yell at me by saying…”You phacking ahsol, you estupeh ahsol. Why yous hits my karz? You estupeh ashol!”

I tell the dude, “you cut me off, and you all most hit me!” Words kept going back and forth, he kept dropping the F bombs on me…”phacking ahsol!!!” While he was doing all that, I whipped out my camera, which by the way I carry with me every time I commute…and I take his picture. The dude even posed for this shot that you see…Then he takes out his camera phone and takes a picture of me….aye these dudes are so….ehstupeh…


  1. Moe

    I believe the word you are looking for is PENDEJO.

  2. Cornfed Jay

    This is priceless…stuff like this makes your bike commute blog so much better than Commute By Bike…I laughed out loud on this one….

  3. RL Policar (Post author)

    Haha, thanks CornFed! I’m glad that I can place my life at risk in order to provide you hours of blogging enjoyment!

    I do it because I’m a Bike Commuter…

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