Mothers Day Ride

For Mothers Day I wanted to go on a family ride. I also wanted to put in a few miles on my new ride. 🙂 So we headed up to the local park for some family fun. Aren’t we cute?

RL loaded up one of the kids on the Champion Chariot trailer and the rest of us rode solo. Here is little Aleah riding as fast as her little feet can take her.

There is actually some moderate hill climbing to get to this park so we were really proud of the girls for giving it their all.

The older girls took turns on the trailer. I think kids just love the idea of sharing something so fun with their parents.

Here’s me and my beautiful bike. I know we should have taken it in color. We were testing out the black and white options on the camera. Isn’t she so pretty!

We arrived at the park safely and enjoyed the beautiful afternoon.

We love riding with our kids. If you’re a parent you understand the joy that is shared with the little ones on the road. It’s a great way to bond and enjoy each others company. They were in such a good mood we managed to get a couple of family pictures which is usually very difficult. There is usually always one that doesn’t want to cooperate but not today. I think we took a nice picture today. Happy Mothers Day from our family.

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  1. DewCon

    Cool outing for Mother’s Day. You get my vote for an “All American Family.” I always like seeing families enjoying a group bike ride as opposed to piling into their car for a short trip to a park, movie theater, etc.

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