L.A. Ranks #4 in Road Rage

We are #4! That’s right, the city of Angels is more like the city of road ragers. Although I can say that I had very few altercations with motorists while riding my bike, it is when I drive that I tend to see the lunatics.

To be truthful, I can tell that my patience level really decreases when I drive. But when I ride my bike, road rage goes out the window. So there you have it, another reason to ride your bike to work. No road rage!

Here are other cities that made the list:

1 Miami
2 New York
3 Boston
4 Los Angeles
5 Washington, D.C.
6 Phoenix
7 Chicago
8 Sacramento
9 Philadelphia
10 San Francisco

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  1. Cornfed Jay

    I LOVE that picture! Makes me laugh out loud everytime I see it!

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