Swobo Sanchez

Have you guys seen the Swobo Sanchez? It’s a pretty sweet bike. This is one of three bikes they are offering. The Sanchez even has a built in bottle opener on the seat.
Swobo Sanchez

Here’s what Swobo has to say about the Sanchez:
“Take it and make it your own. We envisioned it as a whole, but if you want to chop it, or shave it, or slam it, or French it, or Brazilian it, go ahead.

Quite probably the first time a bicycle is offered with a galvanized finish. Quite possibly one of the tightest rides out there. Quite likely one of the cleanest chassis upon which to stamp your own mojo.

Rear hub can be flipped, if you want to run a single-speed freewheel. Fork is drilled for a front brake, if you so choose.

Swobo saddle, machined alloy handlebar end caps and dual-density grips are custom, as well as the white rims and white handlebars. Custom forged rear-entry dropouts with threaded adjuster screw, for proper wheel alignment.

We designed the 5 frame sizes with a proportional slope to the top tube. The smallest size, 50cm, has more slope than the largest size, 60cm, which is virtually flat.”


  1. Moe

    If it was called ‘Ramirez’ I would have bought one right away!

  2. Priscilla

    That’s a clean bike! Beautiful! Anyone want to buy my giant cypress? I want to buy a fixed next.

  3. Nick

    This looks like a decent sub-$600 fixed-gear, but I’m way more interested in the other two bikes they released simultaneously – the Otis and the Folsom. They really seem to be trying something original with those ultra-simple, very durable bikes, rather than just capitalizing on the popularity of fixed-gears.

  4. Mike

    I own this bike.Best bike I have ever had.I rode bmx as a kid and switched to multi-speed and fixed gear road bikes as i grew older but this is the best bike I have ever owned.I have never felt more comfortable on 2 wheels.

  5. RL

    Hey Mike,

    I’m totally jealous of you about that bike. I’ve made an attempt to make my own Sanchez, but I call this one, Nacho!

    Scheck it out mang…

  6. Mike H.

    I bought this bike after doing a lot of research directly from Swobo.

    All I have to say is this is the sickest bike I’ve ever had, this is even more fun than motorcycling!!!! I’ve added Nitto 38cm bullhorns and a sweet vintage Brooks saddle. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this bike at all. The best 600 bucks I ever spent!!!!


  7. Moe

    I’m thinking of adding a Brooks Saddle to mine as well. I’m not too sure if I want to go honey or green….

  8. squid

    i was the first to buy this bike in the first shop in l.a. that stocked them..they got too popular so i put an aerospoke in the front and painted mine..rocked some soma mayjor taylor bars for a while..i like the bike..its complaints other than my drunk ass braking the bottle opener first time i used it.

  9. RL Policar (Post author)

    Squid, are you the same guy as this fella?

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