Excuses, Excuses…

From the 3 co-workers that committed themselves to riding to work today, NONE actually did it. Here are their excuses:

3. I had too many things to do and I didn’t have a chance to get my bike ready.
2. I have to go to the bank during lunch.
1. How can I live without out my car???

I can hear the oil executives laughing their asses off….

Me? I rode the DiamondBack Transporter with the Maxxis Overdrive tires. I will post an update on how the change of tires has made the Transporter ride MUCH better.


  1. RL Policar

    Bunch a pansies if you ask me…At least they can still ride tomorrow, Its the national bike to work day.

  2. Eric

    I could come up with tons of excuses myself, but I would suggest consistently encouraging people who are interested to try it… I’ve encouraged a number of people (who seem impressed that I go 15 miles each way) but have had no takers yet. I think 80% is psychological. Once people decide to do it, they can get past all the little things that need to be accomodated when you commute by bike.

    One excuse might be a good suggestion for an upcoming poll: “How long does it take you to prepare for your (daily) commute?” For me I am very careful that I am packing the right stuff, and everything I need that day at the office. And since I leave at around 6am-ish I do it all the night before…

  3. Cyclo Kitty

    Oh spare me! Unless someone is driving 100 miles to work, commuting by bike is a great way to see all the neighbourhoods drivers typically speed thru (or past miles away on a highway), relax after a busy day at the office, and get in some exercise without paying a bundle at at gym. I’m still new at commuting, but it is much better than a crowded bus, and (strangely) less time. I wish I started years ago!

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