Urban Commuter Expo, a Success!


Yesterday Moe and I were exhibitors at the Urban Commuter Expo in Pasadena. It was hosted by Cicle.org and the City of Pasadena.

Here’s some teaser shots of the event. I’ll come back and write a full report, right now I have to get ready for church. Amen to that!

Here’s our booth. People loved the Sweetskinz tires.

We met up with our buddy, the Eco Friendly Photographer, Russ Roca.
Russ Roca

We gave away some cool prizes thanks to Sweetskinz, KHS Bicycles, Bumble Bars, and The Crystal Deodortant.

Clinics on how to do stuff on your bike.

I’ll have a full report once I get a chance to sort things out from the event.

By the way, if you wrote your email down on a sheet of paper to win the Sweetskinz Tires…I lost it…I know I know I’m sorry. But if you were there and wanted to win the Scorch tires, please email me and we’ll announce the winners by Wednesday.

My Email.

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