What the people want, the people get!

A while back I did a post talking about how our servers are being hit with tons of people looking for “Sexy Biking.” I just ran the stat again and now there’s an influx of people looking for “fat kid dancing.”

So to make sure we meet the needs of our readers…I’ve combined the two…enjoy!

Sexy bike fat kid dancing

Hands off ladies, this hot piece of @$$ can only be enjoyed by Priscilla….mmmkay.


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  2. Moe


  3. Ghost Rider

    I just threw up a little in my mouth…

    Do you SERIOUSLY get a lot of hits for “sexy biking” and “fat dancing kids” ? There are some warped peeps out there!

  4. Priscilla (Post author)

    LOL! That is some funny stuff.
    That is sooo hot babe!!!
    Don’t be hatin boys cuz ur jealous. 😀

  5. Cornfed Jay

    Almost as good as the guy in the white truck giving the finger…

  6. KHS M.I.C.

    Man..I can just hear the kids at your daughters’ school now,” Hey, I think my daddy saw your daddy dancing on the internet last night?!?!”

    I’m just now getting my eye-sight back…


  7. RL Policar (Post author)

    Vince….Don’t lie…you know you enjoyed it….

    Ghost Rider, as far as how many people look for it, we get about 200 hits per month for both FAT KID DANCING and SEXY BIKE.

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