Urban Bike Commuter Expo Report

As you may have seen some of the pictures already posted, the turn out for the event was awesome!

Not only did Moe and I give away every single Bumble Bar out there, but everyone that tried it loves this stuff.

Pictures of booth. Do you see those little kids? I gave them a bunch of Sweetskinz and KHS Bicycles stickers…and I told them to put all over daddy’s and mommy’s car…hehe…don’t worry I told them I was just kidding.

Here’s one of the winners of the Sweetskinz Tires.

Check this out, this guy made some cool furniture with bike parts.

He even had some coat racks made out of headsets.

There was this group of kids that customized their own low rider cruisers. This one is a tandem low rider. Cool thing was, they had the whole 50’s look going too.
gave away free helmets to anyone that had a need. They encouraged everyone to get a helmet and give it to some one that needs it. So Moe and I grabbed a handful to give the kids in our neighborhoods.

I met this gentleman at the event. He had his bike all tricked out with a custom sound system and an electric air compressor.

They had a little display area for the most interesting bikes in the center quad. So Moe placed the KHS F20 R right in the middle of it.

One of the most interesting bikes we saw there was this thing. I totally forgot what it was called. But its sweet! Wood fenders and chain guard…

Another cool exhibitor was Townsend Bicycles. This dude makes bicycles in his garage. Check out the lugs and frames he works with.

Here’s one of his finished products.

Over all the event proved to be successful not only for us but for the rest of the vendors there. Bicyclists came from all over So Cal to enjoy the festivities. We met some really cool Bike Commuters that told us how long they’ve been commuting, and how far they ride everyday. I met this one woman, super sweet, short lady that told us she commutes 30 miles EACH WAY!

Then we also ran into our buddy Russ Rocca, he was our first Commuter Profile. He and his girl friend took the Metro and then rode their bikes in. Russ is super cool because he doesn’t own a car and he rides his bike everywhere. Not only does he use his bikes to get to each job he has to do, but he also uses it to go on vacation with.

What was great for us is the support we got from the folks at KHS Bicycles, Sweetskinz Tires, Bumble Bars and The Crystal. We handed out so many “Gas Sucks Ride a Bike” posters. I actually ran out of Bumble Bars within the first 3 hours of the event. People love these bars! Sweetskinz, that was super popular in our booth. People asked so many questions about them and since I know the tires pretty well, I answered each one of them. Almost all of the people that I talked to about those tires said it was such a smart idea because not only the colors grab people’s attention, but the reflective properties make you visible at night.

When it came to the Crystal Deodorant, at first I didn’t know how to give them away or at least bring attention to them. I just started pimping them out and said to people walking by…”You want a free deodorant?!” Sure enough people stopped. I told them about how this stuff doesn’t have any metals, it works and that I’ve been using it for years. I even challenged some of the people to come and smell my pits, but no takers. I also explained that as long as they follow the directions, wet the rock and apply, that it would work. I made sure I told everyone that they could apply it EVERYWHERE! Yes Everywhere….wherever you would smell…

I even made my rounds to all the vendors and gave them some Bumble Bars and Crystal Deodorant just to make sure people knew about us.

Anyhow, awesome event. I’d like to thank Liz and her staff at in organizing this super fantabolus Urban Commuter Expo, job well done!

Again we couldn’t have done this if it wasn’t for our Event Sponsors, KHS Bicycles, Sweetskinz Tires, The Crystal Body Deodorant, and Bumble Bars.

If you want to see more photos of the event, check out our Gallery.


  1. Val

    That interesting black cantilevered bike with the sling style seat is a Pedersen. The design is over 100 years old, and they are still being made ( and ). They are a very differrent, very comfortable bike to ride.

  2. RL Policar (Post author)

    Ah yes! Thanks Val! I knew someone would recognize it.

  3. Ghost Rider

    “I even challenged some of the people to come and smell my pits…I made sure I told everyone that they could apply it EVERYWHERE! Yes Everywhere….wherever you would smell…”

    RL, I like how you always keep it classy on this site. Good stuff!

    Sounds like the commuter expo was a winner for everyone –exhibitors and attendees. I sure wish someone would put something like that on around here!

  4. Moe

    Hey Ghost, you should email Liz from She can probably give you an idea on what it took to put this together.

    We are lucky that the commuter scene is really flourishing in LA and OC so we had more than a few people participating and attending. I want to thank Russ Roca for letting me know about the Expo and to Liz for giving us the chance to be a part of it.

  5. Ghost Rider

    I’ve “talked” to Liz and Shay from C.I.C.L.E before…they’re good people — and really hard-working advocates. I’ll see if I can pick their brains for ideas on creating something like this in the Tampa area. We need more exposure to alternative transportation formats!!!

  6. Shay

    Hey… you guys helped ROCK the Expo. Great write up, and really great photos too!!! Thanks!!!

  7. greg

    this is for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    critical mass JULY 21st @ 6:30 PM. meet @ Tempe Beach park & ride with everyone for a critical mass to 5th St. & Roosevelt (Lsot Leaf Tavern). After the mass (2) alleycats for both geared and fixed will occur with the fixed being winner takes all! & The gear being 123. 5$/person for each alleycat/scavenger hunt. please come and support the cause. Unite and support the independence we have to ride these streets too!! for more info email

  8. Emitt D. Dixon

    Gosh, I wish I was there, these are some creative bike thinkers.

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