NuVinci Hub Test Ride

B27 with NuVinci Hub

I finally finished installing the wheel with the NuVinci hub on the Ibex B27-R. I went out for a test ride around my neighborhood. I actually rode for a couple of miles and I rode a couple mild hills to test the capability of the hub.

B27 with NuVinci Hub

One word can describe the ride: SMOOTH. As I played around with the “Cruise Controller” the gear ratios changed smoothly and I was able to adjust the “gear” to the demands of the road. Riding uphill was easy, riding on the flat was fast, even riding downhill I was able to pedal and really go fast.

After also having ridden the Nirve Streamliner Ultra with auto shifting, I believe these two systems will revolutionize the way comfort/hybrid/commuter bikes are made.


  1. jay

    Glad to find you guys on THIS blog! (I was a fan of the other one, too.)

    I didn’t know the hub was widely available. I had heard that weight was kind of a problem, though it’s hard sometimes to parse griping about a few extra grams versus serious concerns about hills and handling. But you think it’s OK, apparently (???)

    Where are the hubs available, and how much?

  2. RL

    Hi Jay,

    Seattle Bike Supply is the distributor for this hub/wheel. I know they sell it on one of the new Batavus bikes. But I’m not too sure who else is carrying it.

    However Moe and I heard of rumor that a certain bike company we know might start carrying it…actually the guys at ATC (nuvinci dudes) said there were a handful of companies looking into it.

    Jay, we also have another Jay here. But we call him Cornfed. Is there a nickname we can call you?

    Thanks for following us over here! Is this the first time you’ve seen us blogging since we left the other site?

  3. Val

    Jay: Your Local Bike Shop (LBS) should be able to order either the hub or a prebuilt wheel from Seattle Bike Supply. The retail price of the wheel (with shifter) should be around $600.00. While this may seem like a lot, bear in mind that it is the entire shifting system for the bike, and unlike anything you have ever ridden. The weight may be a factor for some riders in some situations, but it is not intended to be a race wheel, and light weight costs money, too.

  4. Moe (Post author)

    The hub has a reported weight of 8lbs, you can definitely feel the weight on the rear. As far as I know, the Hubs are being sold on different bikes such the Ellsworth ‘The Ride’ and the Batavus Ouverture NuVinci. I don’t really know if they are being sold individually, although I did see one in Ebay going for close to $400. I rode to work with it, come back to read my update!

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