Riding to work with a backpack.

When I ride to work, I usually ride with panniers

or sometimes with a messenger bag

I don’t really care for riding with a backpack because I overheat easily and sweat a lot. My lovely little dog got a hold of my CamelBak’s bite valve and made it it’s chewing toy. I was going to replace the whole hydration unit, but it almost costs the same as buying a new pack! So I replaced my CamelBak with a Deuter Race XC II.

This pack features a unique system that Deuter Calls the Advanced Air Comfort system.

and it has 1200 ci of volume, enough room for casual friday’s shorts and T-shirt. I figured, why not, since a lot of you ride with backpacks (see poll) I gave it a shot. I also rode my 22 mile commute instead of my 9.6 miler, this way I was able to have a good idea how good the ‘Advanced Air Comfort System’ worked.

Although the primary function of the Deuter Race XC II is mountain biking, I liked it better than my messenger bag. I still think that panniers are the way to go if you have a rear rack installed on your bike.

Banjo Brothers Backpack

Banjo Brothers will be sending us a Commuter Backpack to test, we’ll do a post as soon as it arrives. Meanwhile, I will be searching for other backpacks that are more economic than the Race Air II (at $109 is not really cheap) and are commuter friendly.

If you ride with a backpack, let us know the brand and why you like it by posting a comment.