Tired of MPG Bulls__t

Isn’t it funny how every car manufacturer claims to have “the most fuel efficient” car line up?? And when they advertise their over inflated MPG ratings they always use the bullshit EPA Highway Estimates. Check this out, EPA MPG estimates are based on the following:

Average Highway Speed: 49 mph (Hello!!!, the speed limit is 55-75mph!!!)
Maximum Highway Speed: 60 mph (How do you expect me to pass the big rig going 80???)
Temperature at 75 degrees: (dang, my truck doesn’t have a thermometer)
No Air Conditioning (Yeah, try that in Texas)
No Passengers (then why have 7 passenger SUV’s?)
No Rough Roads (have you driven in LA lately?)
No hills (Doable in parts of New Mexico)
No wind (Chicago people, you are screwed)
No low tire pressure (have you checked your wife’s car lately?)
No Ethanol in gas (Huh?)

Here’s a calculator to check out a car’s real MPG

But the real question is, why aren’t Bicycle makers capitalizing on rising gas costs by advertising on TV????