Banjo Brothers Commuter Back Pack

We just received this schnazzy new Banjo Brothers Commuter Back Pack.

Check it out, it has a little pocket to put a mini u-lock on, but I needed to bring my big lock today and it fits!

The inside is white to help you see better when you’re rummaging through your stuff.

Did I tell you this is water proof?

Here’s the specs:

COMMUTER BACKPACK (waterproof) – Messenger bags are great, but with two straps to distribute the load, a backpack is often a more comfortable option for longer rides or heavier loads. Unfortunately your options have either been student backpacks that leak like a sieve, sit up too high, or cost a fortune. We designed our backpack with a full welded waterproof liner that is removable and replaceable if it is punctured.

* Medium – 1500 Cubic inches / 17″Tall x 12″ Wide x 8″ deep
* Waterproof 2-layer design: outer ballistic nylon layer wears like iron; replaceable waterproof liner keeps contents dry in a downpour (will not keep water out if submerged, in case underwater-riding is your hobby).
* Wide padded straps distribute load more evenly than messenger bags
* Sits lower on the back than standard backpacks to reduce blind spots while riding
* Chest strap and removable waist strap for stability
* Large reflective stripes and tab for safety light
* Quick-access side pocket fits mini-U lock
* In-Stock
* MSRP: $79.99

For more info on this back pack and other Banjo Brothers gear, click HERE.


  1. Elijah

    cool, I ordered one last week and am waiting to take delivery this Wednesday. How’s it work for the commute? I’ll post a comment after I get a chance to ride with mine!

  2. Eric

    I bought one of these just before I started commuting. Unfortunately, since I have a 15-16 mile each way trip to work, carrying a laptop, change of clothes and other necessities, it was just too heavy for me. A backpack puts the weight too high up, so on some of the steep hills it seemed to pull backwards to a point I was uncomfortable with. (any backpack would have had the same effect) I bought a rack and panniers the very next day.

    I still have it, and it is certainly an excellent pack with a cavernous interior, but I will probably sell it on E-bay – or anyone who may be interested… Or I might save it for shorter trips for groceries, etc…

  3. jsf

    Eric: Do the panniers have a negative effect on the laptop? I use a pannier to go to work, which I sometimes use for the laptop. I am going to grad school in the fall, which might mean carrying a laptop, books, lunch, clothes, coffee mug, dinner & gear. However, I will not be commuting 15-20 miles. What do you recommend?

  4. Eric

    jsf: I’m no expert – more of a newbie when it comes to commuting – but what I do is I put my laptop in one side and my clothes in the other to try to keep the load even. I keep a pair of black shoes and a pair of brown shoes at work – so I never have to carry them. I have a little padded “sleeve” for my laptop that came with a Microsoft “Tech Ed” bag, so it has some padding. I know they sell some simple to sophisticated sleeves for laptops; priced accordingly.

    I’ve ridden probably 20 or more times this year round trip with the laptop and I haven’t noticed any ill effect to it.

    One other thing I do is keep the battery at work sometimes to lessen the load by a couple pounds, then rely on AC when at home.

    I hope that helps… 🙂

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