Banjo Brothers Panniers Long Term Review

Banjo Brothers Saddlebag panniers
KHS Green with Banjo Bros. Panniers
I don’t really like riding with anything on my back since I happen to sweat a lot. Banjo Brothers sent us their Saddlebag Panniers to test over a year ago and they are my favorite dual sided panniers.


* 1500 cubic inch capacity
* Ripstop fabric with ballistic on the high-wear inside faces
* One piece design is great for commuters
* Single strap to attach or remove panniers
* 360 degree reflective accents

What Rocks:
The panniers have a low profile, they look great, they have a reflective strip and they are easy to remove/install on the bike. I usually place my work clothes on one side, and my bike essentials and lunch bag on the other side. As far as durability goes, I’ve never had an issue with the quality of the panniers. I’ve never ridden with them when is raining, so I can’t tell you how they will fare on a downpour. I also use the panniers when I take my kids to the beach or the park. I can take blankets, clothes, towels and lunches.

What Sucks:
I only have one gripe about these panniers: The single strap. My kids have gotten a hold of the single strap a couple of times and since it is not attached to the panniers and I end up riding with the panniers flapping around.

My recommendation:
These panniers retail for $49.99, yeah, you read it right, $49.99!!! A total awesome deal if you ask me!!. I highly recommend them for commuting and short recreational trip purposes, its very hard to find panniers of this quality at this price.

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  1. amy

    how do you keep the panniers from “flopping” against the side of the bike? Visually, I have everything set up like the pictures above. I do have the single strap but am at a loss as to how to use it to keep them attached to the bike?

  2. Moe (Post author)

    The panniers have a little loop where you insert the strap, then, hook the strap triangles on your rear rack. Please note that you must have a rear rack that have those side racks.

  3. Jeffrey Sinnott

    How do you like the attachment system to the rack? Is it secure and it is it easy to remove from the rack?

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