Dog Power!

Check out this contraption from, I wonder if can be installed on a bike???? Hope Fido doesn’t see a cat and goes out of control!!!


  1. LLrider

    That product has disaster written all over it!

  2. RL Policar

    I wonder if they make one for Chihuahuas…

  3. Shanyn

    Moe- I used to do dryland dog mushing and belonged to the dogscooter group. If you have just one dog, use a Walky-Dog ( Very stable, and disconnects from the seatpost attachment with 1 hand and no tools. $40. My 65 pound Boxer has never been able to drop me from my bike, even when he sees a squirrel or other chase-able critter. This is truly a useful product if you have a large dog that needs exercise!

  4. jorellphil

    place 1998 gun solutions

  5. mark schuette

    the dog powered scooter is quite stable and safe- much safer than any bicycle dog combination. the dog is clipped into the outrigger bar at each shoulder thus he cannot turn his shoulders to pull you to the side. in a chase you can instantly feel the dogs first unexpected forward thrust- then you can get on the brakes before you get up to a gallop and you can steer the dog away from the target. you also can overlya your voice commands or even use a short leash to pull the dogs head in towards your hip.
    generally the dog can feel what you want him to do by the rear pull on the harness (that means stop) or a forward tug (that means speed up) amd they soon cooperate- just like a leash. yet it can be easier to use than a leash with a high drive dog- you can keep you weight on the scooter and just squeeze the brakes and the dog isn’t going anywhere- that is easier than pulling against a leash. so you have excellent dog control and at the same the dog can go as fast as he wants !

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