RedLine Nacho

Yup this is is my rendition of the Swobo Sanchez. Since the Sanchez hit the scene, the bike has become such a popular item. So I decided to come up with my own “Sanchez Style” bike. I enlisted the help of my Redline 925. Since Swobo had a Spanish/Mexican name to their bike, I decided to call my Redline….NACHO!

Redline Nacho

Not not like Nacho as in the food. But that does sound good right about now…mmmm nachos….Anyhow, I call it the REDLINE NACHO because…its NACHO-Bike. For all the gringos out there…it means-Nacho: “Not Yours”….thus NACHO Bike….Not your bike…get it?

Oh did you notice that my Nacho helped me become a man. That’s right, the Nacho has no brakes! So now I have to really become good at riding my fixie since all the stopping power will be my legs.

redline nacho

What’s cool is with the Nacho set up, I have more leverage on my bars to be able to climb hills with out any issues. Before when I had my bull horns, It was a pain to climb since the bars were too narrow.


  1. Priscilla

    That’s a sexy bike you got there… 😉

  2. RL Policar (Post author)

    a Sexy Man has to have a Sexy Bike.

  3. Nick

    Too narrow… that’s so funny. It just goes to show how much of bike fit is a personal preference. My bullhorns are 38cm, cut very short, and I don’t like using any other bars. I think I’d have a much harder time skidding with bars that wide.

    But you do what you gotta do to make it through those climbs, man – you know I’d leave you panting my dust, he he.

  4. RL

    It must be the mountain biker in me that prefer wider bars. My bull horns, though they were just the right width for me when I rode, I felt they were a bit too narrow when climbing.

    Leave me in the dust? yeah I’m sure. I’m a slow rider. But I do that on purpose. I mean if I were zipping around town to fast, then the people can’t view and enjoy all this sexiness that is called RL.

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  6. chris

    no brakes… rofl

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