Bikes and Poo Don’t Mix

Check out what our staff writer Jeremy over at went through just the other day…

On Tuesday & Thursday mornings I try to get in a workout on the Fullerton Loop or any nearby trail. This Tuesday morning, I was about 8 miles into the loop with 3 more left when I got this sinking feeling in my stomach. All of a sudden, I had to go poo!

The only problem was, I was 3 miles away from the car and I needed to go right away. Argh! Other than holding it in, the hard part was riding while not sitting on the saddle. The jarring from my hardtail (even suppressed by the thudbuster) made me want to go poo even more.

I ended up pedaling with my thigh on the seat, clenching (no not my teeth), and solely focused on keeping things in for a little while longer. The ride back to the car felt LONG.

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