Cars and bicycles shouldn’t compete

I saw this article on the OC Register by this dude: GORDON DILLOW
Register columnist

Check out what he wrote:

And whose fault is that?

Stats on that are hard to come by. But I asked two veteran Orange County traffic cops that question, and both agreed that, based on their experiences, half or more of car vs. bike collisions are caused by the bicyclists. They veer into traffic lanes, they travel the wrong way on streets, they blow through stoplights – in short, they don’t safely share the road.

Before you get your panties in a bunch, read the whole article HERE.


  1. LLrider

    Man some of those comments below the article, from motorists, scare me. People have fallen too deeply in love with their vehicles.

  2. Derek

    The statement above doesn’t get my panties in a bunch, I believe it.

  3. Moe

    Man…. the ignorance of drivers is appalling.

  4. Nick

    In order for cars and bikes to be able to safely share any roads, they have to be designed with that purpose in mind. Almost all roads in the US were designed solely for cars, so it’s easy to put the blame on cyclists for not riding safely, when the real problem is that most roads don’t give one the option of riding safely.

  5. R.

    Just invite him on a ride sometime. I’m sure if he knew how much fun we were having he’d be convinced. If not, maybe it’d change his perception a bit.

    I live in Memphis, but the gas prices are making people yell “You rollin’ on that bike” instead of “Get a car!”

  6. HenryH

    I dare him to advocate for safer cycling facilities!!

    I do agree that too many cyclists break traffic rules, but that doesn’t mean ALL cyclist should be marked as outlaws!! Come on, we know that plenty of car drivers break traffic rules too. However, it would do good if all of us can be good ambassadors of the cycling community by obeying traffic rules.

    What almost ruin my day was some of the comments posted by readers…. I don’t even want to go there.

  7. Draftsman of Leisure

    I think the author makes makes many valid points. I for one stay away from high speed roads, even if they have a bike lane. I also see plenty of bicyclists make bad decisions in my area (Philadelphia), and I am sure I have too…

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