I’d Wear It

So I’m really digging these things called Utilikilts.

Yeah I know I’m not Scottish nor do a I play a bag pipe (no gay jokes!), but this thing really caught my attention when we met Wingnut Gear Rep named Scott…hmm his name fits the kilt. Anyhow, he was sporting them at the Sea Otter Classic back in April. So the more I read about them the more I’m interested. However, convincing the folks at Utilikilt that they could have a potential market in the bike commuter niche would be rather difficult.

But you know, if I had one, I’d wear it while riding my bike and wear it at work. I just checked with my boss, he said as long as the kilt is at or below the knees and the shirt is tucked in, then I shouldn’t have any issues with HR.


  1. Cornfed Jay

    Why not? You already shave your legs…wearing a skirt is the next logical step….would you expect any other comment from a guy in the midwest???

    You already put up the dead horse graphic today…so you can’t use it twice in one day…that would be lame.

  2. RL

    It’s a KILT! Not a skirt.

  3. Jamie Fellrath

    I am a kilt-wearer, I own a couple of Utilikilts. And I have to say that I haven’t even tried wearing one while biking yet. You can get them with optional “Modesty Snaps” that snap it shut between your legs when you’re in high winds and the like, but I’m not sure that would work all that well on a bike.

    Now, if you’re talking about just having something to wear once you got where you’re going, I’m all for it. I do that now. Though I don’t have the option of wearing them at work, I do wear them 99% of the time at home or out and around. And it’s so nice, when you get off your bike and you’re a bit sweaty, to be able to let your boys blow in the breeze a bit. And they’re easy to put on… just wrap ’em around you and drop your drawers once it’s on.

  4. Phillip

    I wear UKs frequently and ride in them occasionally.
    “Modesty” while riding is not an issue… the pleats simply fall down between your legs (as designed, there’s a reason for all that material!) and the “apron” is held there by your forward motion. If you have a strong headwind you might have to hold/re-tuck with gusts or when coming to a stop, but it’s rare.
    Mount/dismount can be a tricky in some situations but if you face your bike from the side then lower the top tube toward you (reverse to dismount) it’s possible to get a leg over without showing what is[n’t] under your kilt.
    It’s best suited to shorter distances, anything you’d be comfy riding in street clothes…. UKs are versatile but I don’t think they sell one with a chamois yet 😉

  5. Priscilla

    Wow. I’ve never seen a guy where them around here…surprised to hear they are widely accepted. I saw them once at a convention ..and the occasional bagpipe performance..that’s it. Where are you guys from?

  6. Jamie Fellrath

    I’m in Columbus, OH. They’re most prevalent in Seattle, where the UK company is located. But you see them around almost everywhere.

    I wouldn’t say they’re widely accepted, but rather that most people who wear them don’t really care about whether they’re accepted or not.

  7. seabiscuit

    I’m another seattle guy, and have a kilt. What Jamie says is just right — I frequently put one on after my evening commute.

    I have ridden in it once. I don’t really reccomend it. It’s possible, but not as pleasent as jeans or shorts.

  8. James Fellrath

    I would think that the pleats would get annoying against your rear after sitting on them for too long…

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