I’d Wear It

So I’m really digging these things called Utilikilts.

Yeah I know I’m not Scottish nor do a I play a bag pipe (no gay jokes!), but this thing really caught my attention when we met Wingnut Gear Rep named Scott…hmm his name fits the kilt. Anyhow, he was sporting them at the Sea Otter Classic back in April. So the more I read about them the more I’m interested. However, convincing the folks at Utilikilt that they could have a potential market in the bike commuter niche would be rather difficult.

But you know, if I had one, I’d wear it while riding my bike and wear it at work. I just checked with my boss, he said as long as the kilt is at or below the knees and the shirt is tucked in, then I shouldn’t have any issues with HR.

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