Screw it, I’m riding my bike

You can tell that Summer is almost here by increase in the amount of car traffic in LA. I’ve been arriving 15 minutes late to work when I drive, it is not just me, most of my co-workers have noticed the trend and are late as well. Since a lot of us have kids that have to be at school at a certain time, we are at the mercy of traffic.

So I said screw it, I’m riding my 22 mile commute. Sure enough, I got to work at the same time as if I would have driven my car and I also got to work earlier than some of my co-workers that drive! I will be taking a shorter lunch or staying 15 minutes later so I can make up the time so my employer won’t get pissed off at me. Man, it feels so good to ride and pass all the cars that are stuck in traffic, knowing that I could have been one of them.

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