Trimming some fat

OK, so I’m at the point that it is easier to trim some fat from a bike than actually give up beer and lose some weight. I’ve assigned the DiamondBack Transporter the job of being my “long commute” bike. Since rain is nowhere near the radar, I’ve removed the fenders,

The Battery-less system,

and the bell.

And here’s the final look:

I still think that the bike looks classy, but the best part is, the bike now weighs 25.5 lbs! I’ve lost 3lbs in less than 10 minutes!


  1. Nick

    That’s still 5 lbs. heavier than my commuter bike. I win!

  2. Moe (Post author)

    Not yet Nick….. This beauty weighs 15.5 lbs and I will be riding it to work soon!!!

  3. Ghost Rider

    You know, Moe, you’ve “jinxed” yourself…removing the fenders means a nasty rainstorm is coming!

    The same thing happens to my wife — when she finally decides to water the landscaping, torrential rains follow.

    By the way, I am convinced you’ll find that Pinarello too light and too fast for your tastes…in which case you should send it to me! What are friends for, anyway? ha ha

  4. Nick

    If you get used to that Pinarello, you’ll never go back.

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