10% off Gas Sucks Merchandise

Show the world how much Gas Sucks! Even though the news might say gas prices are going down, the prices are still higher today than they were 10-15 years ago, and you know what, it’s not getting any better! in collaboration with KHS Bicycles, is proud to offer a 10% off discount on any of the Gas Sucks Merchandise on the KHS on-line store (discounted after

All you have to do is order the Gas Sucks item you want and use the coupon code of…“RL IS SUPER COOL” (seriously) and you’ll receive 10% off your current order!

NOTE:Please write the coupon code on the comments section. This promotion will last until June 30th, there are no backorders so order soon!!


  1. HenryH

    Hi everyone, please put the coupon code in the “comments” area during checkout. We’ll manually adjust the discount after the order is received.

  2. HenryH

    Forgot to mention: the deal ends June 30th, 2007, and no back orders, so act fast!

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