It really works!!

RL has mentioned how good The Crystal Body deodorant is. I’ll be honest by saying that I was skeptical about a rock keeping me from stinking up. I do sweat a lot and yes, I do produce B.O. I’ve tried a lot of deodorants, and the one that has worked the best usually will fade by 6:00 PM.

I kept one of the Crystal Stones that we were giving away at the Bike Commuter Expo, and what the heck, I gave it a try. The first day, the stone fared no better than my regular deodorant but it didn’t do worse. I talked to RL and told me to apply generously. I followed RL’s directions and I’ll be damned, The Crystal outlasted my regular deodorant!! Needless to say, I’m a convert. I don’t really care for how the rock is packaged, so I’ll be ordering their spray version soon.

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