It really works!!

RL has mentioned how good The Crystal Body deodorant is. I’ll be honest by saying that I was skeptical about a rock keeping me from stinking up. I do sweat a lot and yes, I do produce B.O. I’ve tried a lot of deodorants, and the one that has worked the best usually will fade by 6:00 PM.

I kept one of the Crystal Stones that we were giving away at the Bike Commuter Expo, and what the heck, I gave it a try. The first day, the stone fared no better than my regular deodorant but it didn’t do worse. I talked to RL and told me to apply generously. I followed RL’s directions and I’ll be damned, The Crystal outlasted my regular deodorant!! Needless to say, I’m a convert. I don’t really care for how the rock is packaged, so I’ll be ordering their spray version soon.

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  1. RL

    The Crystal Stick works better than the spray in my opinion. Though the spray is great for feet and the buttocks and gonads.

  2. Matt

    This stuff works and truely goes… ANYWHERE!

  3. Ben C.

    RL gave me some yesterday to try. I was also skeptical about some clear rock that looks like ice working. I showered yesterday night and put it on. Then to test to see if it really worked, I rode today to work which is 9 miles. I put the stuff on about 45 minutes before I left. Underarms, crouch, feet, between toes, and buttocks. I got here, I did not have any BO. I was amazed. That stuff is AWESOME. I have to ride about 15 miles today so I am going to see how it does by the time I get home.

    Ben C.

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