Calling all Roadies and Mountain Bikers!

When I ride my bike to work I occasionally see vehicles with roof racks for bikes. I also see a few with cycling stickers (Like the SUV with the Pat’s 605 sticker). I also know a few roadies and Mountain Bikers that when I tell them that I’m a bike commuter the look at me like huh? And then the excuses start to fly out: I don’t have a commuter bike, I don’t want to be sweaty, road is too boring, blah, blah, blah. Check out Elijah’s Commuter profile, he’s a great example of a mountain biker turned commuter, RL is another Mountain Biker turned commuter, myself, I’m a roadie turn bike commuter that rides mountain bikes as well. You can make all the excuses that you want, but Elijah said it best when I asked him why he is a bike commuter:

I love riding bikes, especially mountain bikes. It was a no brainer for me after I tried it once.

The one that really gets me is when someone tells me that riding on the road is too boring. BORING????? Come on mountain bikers, you ride on trails that have no vehicular traffic and ride rigs that make a Cadillac feel harsh. Try riding next to a school in the morning when all the parents are running late, better yet, try riding a fixed gear bike on the city of New York as Nick James does and see if it’s boring.

Yeah Roadies and Mountain Bikers, I’m calling you out, stop making excuses and ride your rig to work you’ll start wondering why you’d never tried it before, like I did 2 years ago.


  1. Eric

    Okay I’ve commented a number of times on my 32 mile round trip commute so I won’t go through all the details, but suffice to say that it is anything but boring. I ride Rt. 1 in Connecticut from Norwalk to Greenwich. I deal with everything from deer running into the road to side-swiping busses to speeding execs trying to get to the train station on time. The hills are extremely challenging, I traverse spoke-breaking potholes, and we can’t forget the cat-calls from passing teen-agers. Yet to me, all of this is what makes it fun and interesting. I lived in New York City for 5 years – and one of my fondest memories was being cut off by a cab and rolling over the hood. No injuries, no damage – just a story I get to tell over and over, why? It was fun! Danger is why you get on a mountain bike in the first place isn’t it? Danger is fun. It’s why as a kid growing up in Niagara Falls I used to scale 150 feet up along the lower Niagara River gorge. Nope, bike commuting for me anyway, is anything but boring!

  2. Quinn

    I’m not actually a roadie or a mountain biker, but I am a guy who has made excuses for too long. I’m very fortunate in that I get to work from home most days, but I do have to go into the office at times and I regularly drive when I run errands, go to band practice, etc.

    Those days are over. I’m getting a bike this week and I will use it as my primary mode of transportation. You’re right – I really have no good excuse. Our planet is at stake and I need the exercise anyway!

  3. Ghost Rider

    Ya know, I’ve noticed that, too. Even hardcore cyclists of all disciplines (road or mountain) look at me like I’m crazy for riding to work. Maybe it’s because I’m not wearing spandex or sporting a replica pro jersey…

    As an aside, you’ve mentioned one of my biggest pet peeves. An SUV with ANY sticker that is supportive of sports or environmental awareness should be destroyed on sight. Damn hypocrites! The worst are SUVs with “Support Our Troops” ribbons. You want to support our troops? Stop driving your gas guzzler!

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