It’s neck to neck folks!

I’ve been checking out our latest poll and I’ve found interesting how close the results are. In case you haven’t voted because you are not sure on what category your bike falls under, here’s a little help:

Fixed Gear: Track bikes, bikes with flip-flops, conversions are OK too.
Pinarello Amatore

Mountain Bike: Bikes that are designed to go off-road, hardtails, Full Suspension or rigids.

Commuter Specific:Although most of these bikes have a mountain Bike frame, they usually come with fenders, racks, lights, bells and street tires.
DiamondBack Transporter

Road Bikes: Bikes with Drop bars or flat bars with 700cc wheels. Road bikes can be singlespeeds or multi-geared bikes. You can add your cyclocross bike to this category.
TCR Limited

Hybrid Bikes:
Also called comfort bikes. These bikes can feature front suspension forks and a suspension seatpost.
KHS Green

Other: Folding bikes, Trikes, Tandems, unicycles, recumbents and Beach Cruisers.

I know most of you may have more than one bike, just pick your favorite, and thanks for voting.


  1. Drew

    I’ve been watching the results of this poll, and I have found the numbers interesting. However, I’m not sure that I would include bikes with flat handlebars as road bikes. “Road bikes” with flat bars, or “Mountain bikes” set up for road riding are how the term hybrid came to be used to describe certain bicycles. Comfort bikes typically have over-sized seats, shock absorbing seat posts, larger tires, and sometimes front shocks- they are not built for either speed on the road or for off-road use… they are built for comfort. In my opinion, comfort bikes and hybrid bikes are each unique to their own group.

  2. Moe (Post author)

    By “Flat Bar Road Bikes” we mean something like the Ibex Corrida:
    Asides from the Flat bars and the trigger shifters, this thing rides, feels and handles like a road bike. Check out Wikipedia’s entry on Hybrid Bikes:

    “A subclass of the hybrid category is the comfort bike. Some manufacturers define their bicycles as “hybrid” if they have 700C size wheels, and as “comfort” if they have the smaller 26-inch wheels. For other manufacturers, the difference is more one of marketing focus than specification, but such features as front suspension forks, seat post suspension and angle-adjustable stems are generally provided on both the hybrid and comfort bicycles to enhance the comfort of the rider. Hub gears may be used instead of derailleur gears.”

  3. Steve

    You neglect to include recumbent bikes in your pool. They’re awesome.

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